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Welcome to tomte

Discover efficiency redefined with Through bespoke AI assistants, we reshape task management for firms. Experience prompt customer solutions without staff involvement. Our personalized approach ensures AI aligns with your processes, building a robust knowledge base.


Step into a future where streamlined interactions and optimized workflows pave the way to unparalleled success!

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Personalized Assistance

Small yet helpfull

At Tomte, we believe that technology can make our lives easier and more productive. That's why we created AI-based assistants that can help you manage your tasks and projects more efficiently. 


Tomte is our inspiration from Scandinavian folklore and the heart of our IT project. Just like the caring spirit of the original Tomte, our AI-based assistants stand ready to protect and serve. These modern-day companions, though small in presence, are powerful in their ability to help companies retain customers and answer queries without burdening their workforce.


In the spirit of Tomte, they ensure the welfare of your business, tending to customer needs. Experience the magic of efficiency with Tomte AI assistants.


What We Offer

Our AI-based assistants are dedicated to serving your clients' diverse needs. From scheduling appointments to managing to-do lists, they excel at streamlining tasks. Additionally, they offer valuable insights and analytics, empowering your clients to make informed decisions. Experience personalized and efficient client assistance with Tomte AI Solutions.

Customizable Assistance

Our assistants are designed to adapt to your specific needs and preferences. You can customize their settings and preferences to get the most out of their assistance. Each assistant is indiviadual and tailor-made for the each of our clients' tasks and procedures.

Seamless Integration

Our assistants seamlessly integrate with your existing arsenal of tools and platforms. Whether it's your email, calendar, or project management system, we're designed to harmonize with your workflow. You can leverage the power of Tomte AI alongside your trusted tools, ensuring a smooth and productive experience.

High Performance

AI Assistants are pivotal for sustaining high performance and competitiveness. They streamline operations, bolster productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. By integrating these intelligent allies, your business gains a vital edge, ensuring it remains agile, efficient, and at the forefront of innovation in today's dynamic landscape.

Smart Automation Tools

Our assistants employ advanced automation tools, offering you the twin benefits of time-saving and error reduction in your tasks and projects. With precision and efficiency, they become your trusted allies in achieving seamless and accurate results.

How Does AI-Assistants Work?

AI-based assistants leverage firm-specific databases and information to cater to both internal and external customers. They're a dynamic bridge connecting the company's valuable resources with the needs and inquiries of its clientele. By doing so, these assistants contribute significantly to the company's objectives, enhancing customer satisfaction, optimizing processes, and ultimately serving the best interests of the business.

Task Management

Project Management

Analytics & Insights

What Kind of AI-Assistants Do We Offer?

Explore our array of AI-based assistants:

  • Customer Service: Elevate customer support.

  • Legal: Streamline legal processes.

  • Healthcare: Aid in medical diagnostics.

  • Financial Advisor: Optimize financial decisions.

  • HR: Simplify talent management.

  • Marketing: Boost campaign effectiveness.

  • Education: Personalized learning.

  • Health & Wellness: Monitor well-being.

Tailored to your needs, these assistants redefine productivity across industries.

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Meet Our Team

With a high extensive experience in management, Serik performs all the tasks related to the customer relations and communication.

Serik (CEO and Founder)

Issabel is the profesional in managing teams. Her expericne help us develop the products and market it.

Issabel (PM and Co-Founder)


Pricing Options

Our pricing plans are designed to fit your specific needs and budget. Choose the plan that works best for you, and start getting the most out of our AI-based assistants.

  • Sales and Marketing Pack

    Every month
    Designed for customer service and marketing your product and service
    Valid for 12 months
    • AI-Based Customer Service Assistant
    • Marketing AI Assistant
  • Best Value

    Finance and Legal Pack

    Every month
    Ready to answer all your questions related to legal and financial fields
    Valid for 12 months
    • Legal AI Assistant
    • Financial Advisor AI

Get ready to maximize your productivity with our AI-based assistants. They will help you save time and reduce errors in your tasks and projects.

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